KJ-3000A Cerebral Circulation

KJ-3000A Cerebral circulation

This device provides electrical stimulation for patient’s cerebellar fastigial nucleus. 

It adopts bio-information simulation technique and computer software technique to synthesize combined pulsatile wave, imports the wave into cerebellar fastigial nucleus without hurting through electrodes attached on the mastoid processes beside the ears, carries out electrical stimulation on the human brain, enlarges the cerebral vessels, and improves the cerebral microcirculation. Its mechanism is that, when the internal nerve conduction pathways are specifically electrically stimulated, the cerebral circulation and auto-regulation of the cerebral vessels would be affected, and the cerebral blood flow (rCBF) would be improved. 


◆Adopted bio-information simulation technique and computer software technique to synthesize combined pulsatile wave, no wounds and easy to operate.

◆Overcome the barrier of cranial bones without wounds, improve brain’s blood supply.

◆With multiple treatment exporting modes, and can be applied widely in clinic treatments.

◆Optimize emulated bioelectricity with constant current output characteristics and it is much safer. 

Treatment mechanism 

Increase the regional cerebral blood flow, improve microcirculation 

Activate the cerebral endogenous neuro-protection mechanism, and protect the nerve cell

Lower the damage of exitotoxicity of nerve cells

Stable the cerebral neurocyte membrane potential, inhibit depolarization wave

Suppress the cerebral infectious reaction, absorb the oedema and alleviate the acute intracranial hypertension

Ameliorate the disturbances of heart autonomic nerve of the cerebral apoplexy patients


Stages of cerebral infarction, 

Convalescence stage of cerebral hemorrhage

Wakening of the cerebral trauma patients, 

Convalescence stage of cerebral trauma 

Prevention of apoplexy

Insufficiency of cerebral blood-supply (insufficiency of blood-supply of vertebral artery caused by cervical syndrome),

Hemicranias, insomnia, 

Recognition functional impairment

Senile dementia, depressive disorder 

Ophthalmology diseases like ischemia of fundus artery of eye and asthenopia etc..

Cerebral palsy of children

Period of treatment

1~2 times a day, 40 min each, and 10 days as a session

Technical spec

The maximum output strength: standard mode:≤20mA , enhanced mode ≤100mA;

Peak value of open output voltage: ≤ 100V;