RT300 Intermediate current therapy

RT300 is a new generation multi-functional physiotherapy instrument. 

The intermediate-frequent electrotherapy, thermotherapy and magnetotherapy fulfill such effects as reducing inflammation, tumescence and pain, dredging collaterals, releasing adhesions, stimulating motor nerves, exercising muscles, improving local circulation, enhancing immune system, and alleviating or eliminating numbness, pricking and other symptoms at sympathetic nerve and nerve root caused by hyperostosis compression or irritation.


Combine with electrotherapy, thermotherapy and magnetotherapy 

Intelligent error prevention and automatic incremental output

Four kinds of bionic massage techniques: kneading, pressing, thumping and combination


Cervical spondylosis

Scapulohumeral periarthritis

Lumbar muscle strain

Rheumatoid arthritis

Pain relief

Local blood circulation improvement

Inflammation alleviation