RT100 NMES unit

RT100 NMES unit


NMES is short for Neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

RT100 is a specifically designed low-frequency electrotherapy device which applies to disuse muscle atrophy treatment and peripheral nerve recovery.

NMES utilizes low-frequency pulse current to stimulate damaged nerves and muscles,thus causing a passive contraction. In this way, muscle movement has been improved so that the regeneration of damaged nerve distal end, axon diameterand axon can accelerate, motor axon and muscle reconstruction can improve, thus speeding up the nerve conduction velocity and recovery of nerve cell function.

To sum up, electrical stimulation is a rehabilitation method using physical therapy that prevents muscle tissue thickeningmuscle contracturefibrosis aswell as improves muscle motor function and nerve regeneration.  



8 inch color touch screen

Portable design for easy carry and operation

Three treatment modes

Separate two outputs to work independently

Adjustable Modeintensityfrequencywaveformtimeand more



Delay lesion muscle atrophy

Improve muscle motor function and nerve regeneration

Apply to treatment of partial denervation and complete denervation

Prevent severe muscle dehydration and damage to electrolyte and enzyme system

Retain normal function of muscle tissue and prevent contractures and interfascicular agglutination

Inhibit muscle fibrosis and preventthickening, shortening and hardening of muscle connective tissue

Improve blood and lymph circulation andnutrient supply in muscles, retain normal muscle metabolism, and save muscle protein consumption